Lush Longboards Spacebyrd


The Spacebyrds are our two “normal” board shapes, made for street, park, sliding, ollies, flips, grinds… you know, Skateboarding! Each board is individually cold pressed from Hardrock Canadian Maple to ensure that they are all the same concave – we’re not hot pressing like cheaper brands and we’re not stacking boards up in the press to make them faster, either. Light, strong and tough with pop!

If you're buying this board Deck Only, we'll ship it ungripped. If you need some griptape, just add 4ft of either Coarse or Regular Griptape to your cart when you buy, and we'll grip it for you. We recommend Regular tape for both of the Spacebyrds.

If you would like a custom setup, please get in touch and we will make it happen!

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