Lush Longboards Kisiwa


Free T-shirt and Stickers when you buy this product!

Each Kisiwa is a one-off handcrafted masterpiece - so we only sell them as Deck Only, or Elite Completes.

  • The Elite Complete is fully loaded with Sabre Forged Precision Freeride Trucks - the smoothest turning trucks on the market.
  • Like all our other Pro and Elite setups, we're using Sabre's premium aftermarket bushings and pivot cups for a super-carvy and responsive ride.
  • Those giant wheel wells allow us to spec Cult Raptures at 74mm 73A, giving a super plush, fast and grippy ride, using only one riser per truck, without fear of wheelbite
  • Sabre ABEC7 Bearings keep things rolling fast and smooth.

If you buy this board as a deck only, we'll grip it with 3 strips of clear regular griptape. If you want us to ship you an ungripped deck for your own funky griptape job, get in touch!

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