FREE Sabre Trucks Carve Bushing Kit


The benchmark in response, agility and stability, Sabre's bushing formula is second to none.

The Sabre "Carve" kit contains four bushings in your choice of duro - two Barrels, and two Cones - to transform your mediocre feeling longboard trucks into something really special. 

Sabre Bushings are compatible with all longboard trucks out there that use a 16mm/0.6" tall bushing top and bottom.

Each kit contains four bushings, four cup washers, and a sticker. Gravity poured from Sabre's own formula in the USA.

  • Make your longboard trucks turn more!
  • 16mm/0.6″ tall
  • Kit of 4 bushings – enough for a complete longboard
  • Also contains four Cup Washers to fit, and a sticker
  • Available in X-Type (86A Orange), F-Type (90A Red), R-Type (93A Green) and H-Type (96A Grey)

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