Lush Longboards Swift


The Swift Complete is defintely a unique setup.

  • Cult Rapture 74mm are way bigger than wheels you'll find on other boards this size. The Swift is a mini-steamroller, cruising over any surface!
  • Sabre Street trucks keep the track width under control, even with those huge wheels.
  • We're using Sabre's R-Type bushings in a Cone shape in this board - a bit softer than usual for extra turn!
  • Thanks to the enormous wheel wells, this board is pretty good with wheelbite despite the huge wheels and soft bushings.
  • The whole thing is rolling on Sabre bearings - smoother and faster.

If you buy this board as a deck only, we'll grip it with 3 strips of clear regular griptape. If you want us to ship you an ungripped deck for your own funky griptape job, get in touch!

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