Lush Longboards Samba X-Flex


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The ultimate carving experience is back!

Redesigned from the ground up around flushmounted low angle Sabre Forged Baseplates for maximum lean, the Samba takes all the heritage of the original carve machine and  makes it even more awesome.

  • All Sambas come built with Sabre Forged Baseplates, flushmounted into the custom-cut truck mount to fit the truck perfectly.
  • We've using Sabre X-Type Cone bushings to get as much turn and lean out of this already leany truck as possible. 
  • All Sambas are now shipping with the new Sabre MK2 forged hanger, which features a redesigned pivot for an even smoother and more fluid turn. You'll feel it!
  • As this board is so low, and due to to the way that the trucks interact with the deck, we needed to put the grippiest wheels we could find on there. Cult Raptures in 73A are probably the grippiest longboard wheel ever made - perfect for powder-style carves and slides on this board.
  • Sabre ABEC7 bearings roll fast and smooth. This is a premium setup - we've specced the best!

We don't usually sell the Samba as a deck only due to the very specific truck setup that is required to make this board work the way we want it to. However, if you really want one, get in touch and we can make a plan!

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