Lush Longboards Legend X-Flex


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If you want the best setup going, get on an Elite.

The Elite Legend is really all about the trucks. Sabre Forged Precision trucks are awesome in many ways: 

  • The hangers feature a CNC pivot for a super smooth silky turn compared to the casts
  • Being Forged from 6061 Aluminium, The trucks are significantly stronger, and will resist bending better than a cast truck
  • Hollow Kingpins and Forged Construction also reduces the weight a little bit - every gram counts for all those flip tricks!
  • Like all Sabre trucks, they are built with primo Sabre Aftermarket bushings and Pivot Cups
  • The board features high-end Cult Urethane - team developed for smoother slides and longer life
  • Sabre ABEC7 bearings are more resistant to side loads, smoother rolling, and with upgraded shields to keep the crud out.

If you want the best value setup going, get on a Pro.

The Pro build of the Legend is built to offer you the best value dancing setup we can. 

  • Sabre Standard Trucks are Gravity Cast 356 Aluminium, making them stiffer and stronger than trucks offered on other completes
  • Wheels poured from high-end Cult urethane feel smoother, last longer and slide better than the stock wheels on other completes
  • Like the Elite setup, the Pro is coming in with Sabre Built in bearings and aftermarket Sabre Bushings and Pivot Cups for a smooth, responsive turn.

If you want to build your own, get the Legend Deck Only.

Each Legend deck ships with our custom die-cut griptape job, optimised for fancy footwork. Get in touch for custom builds!

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